Oi! Oi! Oi! Strewth mate ! The kiwi population just keeps getting bigger !

Our net annual gain in migrants is increasing pace with an annual gain of 58,300 migrants.

This shows an increasing trend as more people arrive in New Zealand than depart. This is a far cry from the old 1970,s political slogan “Would the last person to leave New Zealand please turn out the lights”

When the month of June figures are broken down we see some interesting trends

Aussie diggerThe largest single category of 24,100 people, were from Australia with two thirds of those being New Zealanders returning. When you combine that with the fact that 64% of total migrants were between 15 and 35 years of age we can see that it’s our young returning. The great Aussie dream seems to be over. It’s the third month in a row where there have been more people coming into the country from Australia than are leaving. We haven’t seen this happen for 20 years. However before we read too much into that, it is a paper thin net gain of only 100 people. Let’s face it we still have 24,000 people leaving the country for Australia so the 100 net gain looks pretty slim.

The next biggest group are from the United Kingdom at 13,500 with a high percentage of these being Kiwis returning to our shores. . Very close behind them are the Indians with 13,300 and the Chinese with 10,300. Half of the Chinese migrants have student visas so are here to study.

Most of the Kiwi’s returning will be bringing some money back with them and will want to get onto the property ladder. These returning Kiwis are less likely to gravitate to Auckland as they know more about the rest of the country , so may help move property demand to the provinces where the returnees can align themselves with proper winning  Rugby teams .

(Researched from Statistic NZ June 2015 press release)

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