Barry Joblin and Why Me

Barry Joblin AREINZ

licensed agent reaa 2008

Optimize Realty Ltd

Licensed agent reaa 2008

Let me Introduce myself – Why and how I work in Real Estate.

Thirty years ago I was looking for a positive change from my 24/7 crisis counselling job as a Medical Social Worker with Waikato Hospital. I covered Accident and Emergency and while rewarding, the hours and the cases were punishing. I went looking for a job that made a positive constructive difference in peoples lives.
Real Estate and Journalism were the two options that appealed to me. Thus began a career that has been both fulfilling and rewarding.
I have owned and managed companies, been the Northland District Real Estate President and served on several boards, but at the end of the day my greatest pleasure is in residential homes and dealing with the people who own and buy them. In 2010 I sold all my company interests so I could concentrate on marketing and selling.
I bring a combination of management experience and people skills with me and I pride myself on getting the best price for an owner by using thirty years of real estate selling combined with
business management and people skills.

Why I am different then the rest

Some years ago, I was standing in front of this famous Van Gogh Painting “Stary Night”. (It is in
the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam). I remember standing amongst a crowd of other people and being
totally under its strange and fascinating spell. I remember thinking “that’s so simple I could paint that!”. Years later I tried, and tried, and tried, and although some of my work was passable, I could never capture the movement, colour, and mood his painting drew from me. (Incidentally, the view is from his asylum window, so he was quite mad at the time.)
And strangely this relates to Real Estate sales. If you asked me today “Why would I use you , what can you do for me that I cannot do for myself?” or “What makes you different from any other
agent?” I would have difficulty answering. I could give you all the standard marketing, knowledge and negotiating answers, but that is not really any different from what anyone else would say.
What I have is 35 years of Real Estate sales experience and that has built a set of skills and a special kind of instinct.

It is not what I do, so much as when I do it. It is not closing the sale but knowing when and how to close it to your advantage. It is not simply negotiating the price, but knowing how to read the other party, so that I know what their top dollar is before they know. It is not simply marketing your property through the various mediums but knowing how to target the right buyers and how to enhance and showcase your home’s special features and benefits. It is not simply getting an offer
on your property
, but how to add value and desire to your home so that you get the best market price. It is not about just knowing the market today but being able to guide you through what is going to happen tomorrow.

Based on my extensive experience I have a proven track record of getting the best price, far in excess of the fees you pay.