Who is doing What

Barry Joblin – Sales and Marketing

barry-joblinBarry is the salesperson & marketing expert in the team. Barry has 34 years real estate selling experience. During this time he has owned two companies including Glenbarry the Professionals. He has held many senior positions within the Real Estate Institute including District President & spokesman for Northland. Barry returned to sales in 2009 & re-invented the way real estate is marketed & promoted in New Zealand. He has consistently obtained higher sales prices for his clients & successfully sold in the top end of the market during the trying times of the recession.


Diana Joblin – Sales and Marketing co-ordinator

Diana is the glue in the team, she is the powerhouse that does all the behind the scenes work. Diana came to New Zealand in 1980 and started in Real Estate in 1991. She did a course at Massey specialising in small business to obtain her AREINZ. Her background is in accounting and she loves working in IT and systems. She will ensure that the marketing is of professional quality to optimize your property’s exposure to the market place.

An EBU is a small group of specialists who have combined their skills to create a super team within the structure of a company.

Most people are strong in some skills and weak in others. In an EBU the skills needed to market and sell a property are carefully broken down, analysed, then the team apply their specialist skills in specific areas to maximise that property’s selling potential. As an example the people skills that make a good salesperson usually mean the person will be a weak administrator. So, by combining a strong “detail” person with a good “people” person you get the best of both skills.

In a nutshell you get that most rare of beasts, “a well organised salesperson”. For you this means you get the services of a specialist team of experts for the same price as a regular salesperson.

empowering people through property

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